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July 21, 2012 / kristinorgaard

Before . . .


July 21, 2012 / kristinorgaard

Before . . .


February 7, 2011 / kristinorgaard

Feb 6, 2011

I haven’t posted in a while because not much has been happening except for snow. We have so much snow it’s piled up in large icy mountains on all three sides of the state-right-of-way making pulling in and out just a hair more difficult than it was before.

Mysteriously this year MB has decided to employ a service to plow the parking area and to salt and clear the stairs up to her house. She never did this before and blew me off when I tried to ask her to help with snow removal–sometime in 2005 or 06 I believe.

So now she clears everything. Great. We’ve always dug our cars out. My favorite was last year when I dug myself out of three feet of snow only to have her pull in and take my spot the second I left with the girls on a Saturday morning. She literally was parked on top of the snow, she was IN her house. She saw that we left and got into her car and pulled it forward into the space that I’d dug out. That’s the kind of person she is.

But wait it gets better.

This Saturday morning when she arrived she immediately emailed Tom and asked that we move our red car because it was impeding her access to her property. Tom delivered a curt reply to her but did move my car. Where did he move it you ask? Across the street where the shoulder is covered in deep snow slicked over by a sheet of ice. So now not only do I have to run across the busy highway with my kids but when I get over there (to my car which is very close to the side of the road) I have to navigate the slick ice and deposit them into the car as fast as I can so I’m not in the middle of the road when a big car/truck/semi-trailer goes roaring by.

Here’s a picture of the space and how she’s parked. Note that she’s in the area that Tom and I cleared out. Note, also, the height of the snow mountains but, despite this, there is still plenty of space for another car.

I took this picture before I left to go out with the kids (so kids are in the car, I’m standing on an icy snow drift taking pictures of my evil neighbor’s car while cars and trucks fly by). When I came home she was packing up to leave and I saw her up by her car. I called Tom to help me with the girls and I thought to myself, “oh, this is going to be good…” and as I got out of my car she looked at me. MB really looked at me and I thought but did not say, “are you happy with yourself bitch? Look at where I am with my children. How does this make you feel you f-ing twat?!” Tom crossed the street, he saw her but kept his mouth shut. I, on the other hand, while running in the road holding Oli yelled out to MB mainly but really just to no one in particular, “This is so much FUN! I LOVE putting my family in danger!!!!” and then we all went down the stairs. Tom tried to shush me but he didn’t have to worry I wasn’t going to say anything else although I totally wanted to….she’s such a piece of work.

On Sunday while I was out she emailed Tom a few times telling him she wasn’t forcing us to park across the street, we should park in 785’s spot. We’ve pointed it out to her that that’s THEIR spot and not OURS. She has noticed though that the tenant at 785 seems to be on the move and her lease is up and it looks like she’ll be moving out soon. MB wants us to take that spot while it’s vacant and leave her the f alone. I’m supposed to contact the tenant at 785 today and see what she says and if she’s really moving.

I hate this.


January 3, 2011 / kristinorgaard

December 26, 2010-January 2, 2011

Lots of snow. Big snow storm. We were up in Katonah, got home on Monday afternoon the 27th. Parked across the street. Dug out over there. I made a large space for my car and it was big enough for another car to pull into if necessary. I was anticipating MB coming home and parking there so I tried to make it big enough for the two of us, even if she tried to be super selfish and park right in the middle so as to give me the least amount of space.

I need not have worried myself. She had someone come by on the 30th and plow out the main parking area–enough for just her car to fit in. We had been out at work and Tom said the minute I got home he was going to go up there (she wasn’t home yet) and plow out my space and then pull my car in.

He did this and within about 5 minutes of his finishing she arrived! I bet she was pissed! The whole parking area had about 2 feet of snow covering it. She had her person shovel it towards the fence she put up. Tom put the snow he plowed in a few different areas but was careful not to put it on her piles or in any of the disputed areas.

We went out on Jan 1 and came home to find she’d pulled far up in the parking area, allowing us a tiny spot to pull into and forcing us to pull back to within inches of her bumper so we wouldn’t be Max and Mary’s way.

The next day, Jan 2, I went out and came home about 2 hours later. She must have gone out and come back during that time. Her car was pulled further south than it had been before. I was able to park my car normally and unload two rounds of heavy groceries.

The snow is mostly gone now from the parking area. She had workers clear bags and bags (about a dozen) of dead leaves over two weeks ago. The bags still haven’t been picked up and are taking up a large amount of space in the parking area. Not sure when she’s going to have the town pick them up or if she’s aware that she has to call them up directly to get them cleared away but they’re still up there….

Another funny moment: she get the NY Times on the weekends. So does our other neighbor. On the weekends there are often papers up on the stairs waiting to be picked up. If Stasia or MB doesn’t pick up their paper and leaves it until, say, Tuesday, (and especially if MB is gone for the week) I take it. I think that’s reasonable, I mean, it’s just sitting there. Old news. It’s almost like I’m picking up their trash for them. We need it, also, for our wood stove. Anyway, MB confronted Stasia last week and said, “you’ve been stealing my newspapers.” Stasia, amazingly said, “that’s funny, we both get the Times delivered on the weekends. How do you know whose is whose?” and MB said, “I prefer the ones in the clear plastic.” Wow. Really?! I think Stasia laughed and went into her house and got her already read and used papers and gave them to MB. Funny…..Yesterday (Sunday Jan 2) I noticed on the stairs there were two papers, both wrapped in blue plastic. Ha.

December 20, 2010 / kristinorgaard

December 18, 2010

I have a dentist appointment today at 9:30. Tom told me when he was walking the dog he noticed that MB had parked her car within inches of my bumper. Why?! I thought. Why would she do this again? She’d been parking nicely for weeks and now this again. Maybe she’s having guests? Not likely.

At 9:15am I went upstairs and noticed that MB was parked across the street and my car was there in the parking area alone. Then I turned to take my garbage and put it into our containers. As I did this I noticed a big contractor’s vehicle approaching the parking area with it’s turn signal on. I watched it pull in and took this picture:

You can see MB’s car parked across the street, and just beyond the truck you can see my car. Undoubtedly MB has pictures or video of my car and the truck and her car across the street but clearly she was in her house already (accessed her property) without issue. I’m glad I was up there. I called Tom to let him know what was going on. Then as I walked to my car I saw that the contractor was Oscar who we know. We said hello briefly and chatted about how old my kids are now, etc. Then I had to go because I was running late to my dentist. Tom said he’d go up and take some more photos. I pulled out and drove to my legal turnaround spot. As I was coming down 9w towards Piermont I saw MB pulling into my space in front of the truck. That was fast….I waved as I went past.

When I was going home I called Tom to say meet me up at the stairs and I’ll take the girls out with me. He said sure and when I got there I parked across the street. I met him at the top of the stairs. He was carrying Sophia and holding Oli’s hand. MB was on the stairs talking to Oscar. When we got up to the top Tom said very loudly, “I hope you’re proud of yourself!” or something like that and then we held our kids and carried them across the highway to my car. I thought Tom would go back to the house but he got in and said he had to get away he was too upset by this whole episode.

We were out for awhile and when we got back she was still there and the truck was there too. Later the truck left but her car remained in that spot. Oscar and his guys did a lot of yard work for MB and there were big bags of leaves and yard trash up by her garbage cans. She did not pull her car back.

On Sunday she must have gone out because she was parked a bit further back than before. We took the kids out and got home around 2 or 3pm. We were able to park in our usual spot but she was so far forward we had to be far forward ourselves and close to Max and Mary’s driveway.

She’s been getting desperate lately. She had a package of very heavy books sent to her house. It sat up by her mailbox for days and when she finally arrived here she didn’t take it downstairs. It was big and heavy and initially I wasn’t going to bring it down for her like a nice neighbor. Then I realized that she was probably having heavy packages sent to her house purposefully to say, “look here, I have a hard time moving these heavy things up and down the stairs, I need that pulley thing,” etc. And the construction….clearly she’s trying to catch us being in her way or blocking her access in some way even if she has to force events to happen. I’d say that’s entrapment your honor!

December 13, 2010 / kristinorgaard

December 13, 2010

Nothing new to report really, just a few thoughts….

Spoke to another lawyer friend who, after being told about MB’s back problems asked, “well does she have a handicapped sticker on her car?” Um, no. She doesn’t.

Tom noticed that the blinds over one of her windows that usually are up were strangely askew. If we look out of our kitchen window at her house we can see her at a desk typing at her computer. This weekend her blinds were drawn but all messed up with a triangle in one corner left open. Very odd.

Parking: she was noticeably normal this weekend. Never parked in an aggressive way. Left her garbage cans in decent order—although the animals of the night got into her recycling last night.


December 9, 2010 / kristinorgaard

December 8, 2010

The pre-trial hearing was today. Our lawyer sent us this:

DOCS1-493327-v1-bryer – ltr carrier and clients

I replied with a joke about how maybe we could share the pulley system since I, too, have to bring heavy items up and down the stairs.

Tom replied with this:

I felt like throwing up after reading the letter from Rick but Tom seems happy and cautiously confident.




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